MLB Raleigh: News & Headlines


A Primer on MLB Expansion and how Raleigh fits in.

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has been on record over the past year discussing his goal for Major League Baseball to expand […]


The case for Raleigh over Charlotte for MLB expansion

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has been pretty open about the fact that Major League Baseball is in the early phases of planning for […]


Ranking Raleigh against other possible MLB expansion cities

MLB expansion has been a part of the MLB’s ‘Collective Bargaining Agreement’ discussions over the past few years and Commissioner Rob Manfred has […]


If Raleigh gets MLB, what happens to the Durham Bulls?

We fully expect this to be the question on most people’s minds, and rightfully so. We’ll preface by saying, we love the Bulls […]


Exploring the Hidden History of Baseball in North Carolina & its Capital City

These days, North Carolina and baseball are rarely muttered in the same sentence, but that wasn’t always the case. Back in the early […]


The Raleigh Boys Club: Helping bring baseball back to East Raleigh

Meet Rashad Herndon. Rashad is the athletic director of the Raleigh Boys Club and his goal is to bring baseball back to his […]