Our mission and plan to help bring MLB to Raleigh.

With MLB planning to expand in the next few years and the possibility of team relocation, the time is now for Raleigh to get organized and put their city and their support for Major League Baseball on display.

The Mission

To bring together the community around baseball, while showing viability and support for putting Raleigh in the conversation for a Major League team.

Join the Movement

Here's how you can take action

The first thing you can do is add your name and email to the petition by clicking ‘Join the Movement’ in the menu bar. We will use that list to show the level of support and to keep you updated on events and news around the movement. Here are some other ways you can get involved.

Attend the events.

Come out to one of our events where we’ll hang out, sell merch and talk baseball. We’ll be at some of your local breweries and art galleries around town. Swing by and meet others who are passionate about bringing pro baseball to Raleigh.

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Get the gear.

There’s no better way to grow the movement than rolling around town with an MLB Raleigh t-shirt, or the official Raleigh ‘on-field’ cap. Check out the store and pick up shirts, hats, pennants and more.

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Spread the word.

Follow us @MLBRaleigh and spread the word on social media using the hashtags #RaleighOnDeck  #OakCityVsTheWorld  #MLBExpansion #MLB. Engage the media and national baseball personalities to help put Raleigh in the conversation.

The Plan

  • 1

    Activate the Community

    Bring the community together around a platform that educates, activates, and excites, allowing us all to be organized in our support for MLB in Raleigh.

  • 2

    Create a Buzz

    Keep information actively flowing while equipping the community with everything they need to spread the word. We want the attention of city leaders, investors and MLB itself.

  • 3

    Connect Investors/ Engage MLB

    If needed, we'll help assemble a management group that works to connect city leaders, investors, and consultants to get the ball rolling, financially and engage MLB officials.

  • 4

    Keep it Going

    Eventually, transition from 'MLB Raleigh' to the first fan group ever that helped create the team they're rooting for.

The Reasons

Based on the numbers, there is no reason that Raleigh shouldn’t at least be in the conversation for a Major Leauge Baseball expansion team. However, there are other reasons we believe a movement like this was necessary.

The time is now. Baseball is planning expansion.

Major League Baseball's commissioner is on record confirming that the league is discussing plans to expand to 32 teams. He also stated that two other teams have futures that are unclear and could also be on the move. This means that up to 4 new cities will be added in the coming years. Portland and a few other cities have already started to get organized for their pitch. If Raleigh wants to be in the conversation, the time to start organizing is now.

Data suggests baseball is viable in this area

Raleigh is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the nation. We have the population numbers and the money to be in the conversation for pro baseball. We believe Raleigh should pivot their focus on preparations to the last major sport missing in North Carolina, Major League Baseball, which has been public about their plans to expand in the near future and has mentioned North Carolina as a potential target.

Time to come together as fans

The Triangle is a unique region where people's college allegiances (to UNC, Duke, NC State) naturally separate them. We believe that this area could use one team, one logo, and one cap that unites us all around our city pride.

To bring entertainment, jobs and tax dollars to Raleigh

MLB franchises provide cities with a significant boost in local employment, investment and tax base. Stadium operation would bring jobs for local citizens and would bring a significant increase in tourism dollars to the city and its downtown districts. A baseball stadium guarantees you 81 home games per-season (far more than any other pro sport) and with its 3-game series setups, MLB brings in overnight tourists who get to stay and experience the city. Baseball stadiums are also the most flexible in terms of layout, allowing them to be activated for more during the off-season. College football bowl games, World Baseball Classic games, outdoor basketball, hockey set-ups, concerts, movies on the big screen and dog-friendly festivals are some of the ways other cities are activating their MLB stadiums.

To help support baseball in underserved communities

This movement was built by a group of Raleigh residents who share a love of baseball and a love for their city. The profits we raise from merchandising or events will be put back into the community to help improve baseball facilities for underserved communities (through the Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh). We will be updating you with specific baseball facilities we will be working towards improving in the East Raleigh area.

To control our destiny as a city

The rebirth of downtown Raleigh was a product of local residents taking the chance and opening businesses, galleries and putting on community events in what was a desolate downtown. It was the creative community, entrepreneurs, and people who had pride in their city, banding together to create a culture of inclusivity and excitement around art, music, food, and beer.

They did such an excellent job elevating Raleigh and building its culture that the entire region is now thriving and has the nation's attention.

With baseball expansion on the horizon, we want that same community (and those who have come since then) to be a part of the push for a team in our area. We've put together this movement organically, by explaining the idea and showing the data to anyone who would listen. What we found out was that not only was that notion of 'coming together to make our city better' still alive and well, but that people here have a love for baseball and they just haven't had the outlet to express it.

Baseball's coming expansion has created the perfect moment for our region and our city to come together around a movement to put Raleigh in the conversation for a Major League team. In a truly collaborative fashion, we've assembled the data, built the platform, and put together the pitch.

Now we need you to help us amplify the message that our community is united, passionate and ready to become a big league city.

The Community

The MLB Raleigh movement is a true community collaboration. Some of the area’s top creatives, local business owners and baseball enthusiasts joined forces, donating their time, talents and support to help bring baseball to Raleigh (and to do some social good along the way.)
No one was paid in the making of this movement. 

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