Community Spotlight

A community movement is only as strong and talented as its members. Here are the people who have given the most time and energy to our movement to bring Major League Baseball to Raleigh and make our city and region better along the way. Keep an eye out as we'll be adding more to this page as the campaign moves forward.

Ronnie Morales | West Raleigh

Ronnie is the executive director of West Raleigh Baseball Association, one of the area's top baseball clubs since 1958. He is a former player who spent time in the White Sox farm system and is leading the MLB Raleigh's push to revitalize the Boys Club's baseball field in East Raleigh.

Napoleon Wright | Becauseus

Napoleon is one of the creative leaders in the Raleigh community. His work with non-profits & students is just the tip of the iceberg. He's also a talented DJ, a designer, a videographer, a break dancer & a recording artist. He is working on music, design & community engagement for MLB Raleigh.