The Community

The mission of MLB Raleigh is to assemble a large group of people who love both baseball and their city in hopes of bringing a professional team to Raleigh. However, by doing that we also have the opportunity to come together and use these same passions and interests to help out our community. Here is how, together, we can do that.

Help us revitalize the Boys Club's Baseball field in East Raleigh

We’ve partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Raleigh to help revitalize a baseball field at their Club in East Raleigh. With profits from merchandising and events, along with any donations and volunteer work, we’re going to make it our goal to help them fix up the field in hopes of promoting and growing their baseball program. Stay tuned as we’ll be keeping you updated on volunteer opportunities throughout the summer.

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A true community collaboration.

One of Raleigh’s greatest strengths is its community and their willingness to work together for the greater good of their city. To get this movement off the ground, some of the area’s top creatives, local business owners and baseball enthusiasts joined forces, donating their time, talents and support to help make this happen.
No one was paid in the making of this movement. 

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Meet the community members that are making this possible.

A community movement is only as strong and talented as its members. Here are the people who have given the most time and energy to our movement to bring Major League Baseball to Raleigh and make our city and region better along the way.

Meet the Community

Our community has helped us donate over $25,000 to local & state initiatives

This started as a grassroots movement to build up Raleigh through the conduit of sport, particularly MLB. With the recent news, this community has now helped us surpass $25k in donations to local and state initiatives.

From renovating baseball fields to feeding healthcare workers during the pandemic. From protecting our State’s wildlife (thanks to an escaped Cobra), to providing scholarships for local HBCUs and the dozens of other nonprofits involved, we can’t thank everyone enough.