AXIOS: The quiet effort to bring MLB to Raleigh

On Oct. 3rd, AXIOS News shared some breaking info in their “The quiet effort to bring MLB to Raleigh” piece.

The report stated that:

“A group of consultants and state officials have been working behind the scenes for about six months on a pitch to bring an MLB team to the Raleigh market, a source with knowledge of the work tells Axios.”

If you read between the lines of what Hurricane’s owner Tom Dundon said when he announced that he wanted to lead a group to bring MLB to North Carolina, you would have gotten this notion when he laid out this quote…

“I am not the only one interested in making this happen.”

So what is really going on? Who is involved? And how real is this thing?

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s very much real. The major players who need to be involved are involved and what really is going on, is that North Carolina leaders, consultants, us here are MLB Raleigh and Tom Dundon’s team are working together towards a common goal of bringing Major League Baseball here to North Carolina.

Stay tuned, because the real fun has just begun.