Potential Stadium Locations

Among the first questions asked when a city makes a Major League Baseball push is, "where will they play?" We feel the selected site should integrate itself thoughtfully within its surrounding community, optimize the fan experience before, during, and after games, be relatively easy to get in and out of, and be a useful space 365 days a year. We've explored a handful of locations around Raleigh that could accommodate such a complex. Here are our initial suggestions.

Downtown South

This large swath of underdeveloped land has unlimited potential. It is bounded by I-40, South Saunders Street, and Penmarc Drive, providing easy access to major traffic arteries while still maintaining a connection to the downtown.

The Old Cargill Mill

The recently demolished Cargill Plant sits on the southern edge of Downtown, bordering the South Park neighborhood. This location is unique due to its proximity to I-40 and its integration with rail and greenway.

We have a few more ideas and we're sure you do too...

We'll be releasing new potential locations as we uncover them. Got an idea of a location that might fit? We'll look into it and if it works, we'll have it mocked-up. Feel free to drop us a line on social media.