The Triangle’s population is already in line with MLB markets and growing faster

What if we told you that in 15 years, the Triangle would bypass every small-market MLB metro in population? Would you believe us?

Well, it’s true & it’s time we talk about it.

Today, the Triangle population sits at 2,148,648, right in the middle of small-market baseball. Above Milwaukee & Cleveland, and just below KC, Cincy & Pittsburgh. MLB is already viable here, but MLB isn’t investing for today…

MLB is investing in the future, and that’s where The Triangle stands out. Our metro area is growing FAST! According to the 15-year growth projections of each market, the Triangle will rank above all of MLB’s small-market metros by 2037 (moving us just behind St. Louis).

If those numbers are blowing your mind, you’re not alone. Measuring our population in comparison with other metros that support MLB sounds easy. But thanks to arbitrary definitions that don’t take into consideration the Triangle’s unique setup, it’s actually quite complicated…

The stat most used to measure the population size of a ‘market’ is called MSA (metro statistical area). MSA boundaries are based on ‘commute interchange’ or how many people commute into your area. The unique setup of The Triangle, with RTP in the middle, skews this stat.

But as you’ve begun to see, the secret is getting out.

We were a finalist for Amazon HQ and landed Apple’s East Coast Campus. Our college sports teams continue to set attendance records, the Bulls continue to finish top 15 in MiLB & the Canes finished 2nd in the NHL.

This market has been a hidden gem for decades, and people are finally starting to take note … Just in time for us to introduce ourselves to the world with a loud and compelling pitch for an MLB franchise.