MLB Raleigh Update: Looking back on 2023 and the big things in store for 2024

This was a banner year for the MLB Raleigh movement. Here’s a recap of the year that was, how it played out, and the big things coming in ’24.

Here are the major dominoes that fell in ’23…

• Gov. Cooper says “The Triangle is the right kind of place to bring MLB.”

• Hurricanes owner (+billionaire), Tom Dundon says “I will lead a group to bring MLB to NC” adding “Raleigh is the best place in the country for it.”

Gov. Cooper first announced his support of MLB in NC in June, right after the sports betting bill was signed into law.

Connecting The Dots: This was an important step as that bill will help fund the expansion of sports/entertainment in NC.

But Gov. Cooper wasn’t done.

Just last week, he said… “The Triangle is the right kind of place to bring MLB.”

Then, he went all-in, stating that when MLB is ready to expand “we’ll be in the mix” with a billionaire owner & government support. (Watch the video below for full comments)

Meanwhile, on the heels of the PNC deal passing, Dundon said that he’d lead a group to bring MLB to NC. Stating that Raleigh is the best location.

Connecting The Dots: The PNC deal keeping the Canes here was a huge step in Dundon’s involvement.

When you see the whole picture, when you understand the timing, it feels like there is some coordination to all of this.

Well, there is.

Remember this article about the group of consultants and gov officials working to bring MLB to Raleigh?

Before we go any further on that, let’s remind everyone of the MLB Raleigh mission.

It’s been on our website since day one.

The plan was to activate and organize the community around data and facts on why this was a viable MLB market. Then it was up to YOU, the community, to create a buzz in hopes of gaining the attention of those who could really make this happen.

Well, YOU did it.

Last March, we connected with former state budget director Charlie Perusse, who had taken notice and was already working on assembling a group to help make Raleigh’s pitch for MLB a reality. (The group you read about in Axios)

Over the past 4 months, his team, Tom’s team, & our team have worked alongside one another to begin putting the pieces in place for something bigger, better, and more official.

In 2024 we’re excited to finally be able to showcase to the nation why this 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞 is MLB-ready.