Name: Brian Chiarizia
9 to 5: Owner of Rebuild Fabrication Co. a custom woodwork and light metal fabrication company
MLB Raleigh Role: Designed and built out dugout benches and bat racks. Helped mount scoreboard.
Instagram: @Rebui1d

Brian is one of the city’s most talented craftsmen. He has done buildouts for some of your favorite Raleigh restaurants and breweries, working alongside companies such as Two Roosters, Trophy, and Apex Outfitters.

We had seen Brian’s work around town but we met him at our Trophy kick-off event. When it was time to start thinking about fixing up the Boy’s Club’s dugout, we reached out to see if Brian could meet us at the field and just give us a little direction on what he think would work. Instead of just giving us an idea, he stepped up and offered to build the entire thing himself.

In less than 2 weeks, the entire dugout was finished and was better than anything we could have imagined. Brian donated all this time and talents to this project, and only accepted payment for the material. We asked Brian to answer a few questions so the community could get to know him a little better. Here are his answers…

What do you do for a living?

I own and operate a custom woodwork and light metal fabrication company in Raleigh. I started the business on in 2010 and took it full-time in 2011. Originally, I was renovating and flipping houses in the area…that’s where the “Rebuild” name came from. After a few years, I started to focus more on contract jobs for both residential and commercial space. Specializing in mostly custom builds including cabinetry & built-ins, reclaimed feature walls and barn doors, dining and conference tables, bar tops, retail displays, and really just about anything that interests and challenges me. I grew up working for my families commercial construction company in upstate NY, and have a degree in Industrial Design, so what I am doing now is a natural fit and a perfect blend of the two.

Why did you decide to volunteer your time to the MLB Raleigh movement?

My first experience with MLB Raleigh was at the community launch event at Trophy Brewing. The incredible turnout and the amount of energy at the event really got me interested in the movement. So when the MLB Raleigh crew reached out to me to help re-design the dugouts for the Raleigh Boys Club baseball field, I knew that there was more that I could offer. My own passion for building, and the opportunity to give back to the community, is what led me to re-build the dugouts and create new benches, and bat racks for the field. Plus, as a kid, I spent a lot of time sitting on the bench in baseball dugouts, so that sort of made me an ideal candidate to design and build new ones.

What do you think makes Raleigh special / Why do you think we should have an MLB team?

I don’t really know the demographics or economic numbers that justify an MLB team in Raleigh, but I do know that this movement is something the community is starting to get behind. This movement brings people and families together. A professional baseball team in Raleigh would do the same thing but on a much larger scale. It would give fans and families a reason to get together, to do something that our kids will never forget, and to get behind a team that represents our city and our passion for the game. It would allow all of us a chance to watch the most amazing American pastime, a game that has been around for over 170 years but never played professionally in this state.