Name: Napoleon Wright II
9 to 5: Founder of Becauseus, Owner of Pan II Creative, DJ, artist, musician, etc, etc
MLB Raleigh Role: Music production, design, community engagement
Website: |

It’s probably safe to say that few in Raleigh are as multi-talented as Napolean Wright II. He’s the owner of Pan II Creative and founder of Becauseus, an organization whose whole goal is to use creativity for the greater good  Whether it be helping non-profits with their online presence or visiting schools to teach kids how to use digital creative software to express themselves, Nap is always busy helping others.

In his off-time (if you can call it that), you can find him DJing around town, publishing books, breaking with his b-boy crew or even dropping the occasional album. While it’s tough to define someone who is involved in so many areas, one way you can define Napolean is by his commitment to the Triangle community. No matter what he’s doing he’s bringing people together and he’s doing it with an authenticity and an honesty that’s hard to find nowadays.

When we were in the planning stages of what we wanted MLB Raleigh to become, we knew we wanted Nap to be involved in some way. If one person already embodied the essence of what we were going after with this campaign it was him. Most of us at MLB Raleigh have known him for years and when we told him what we were going to try to do, he was immediately on board and excited to help out.

All of the music we’ve used in our videos has been courtesy of Nap, and if you were at our kickoff party on April 13th at Trophy Brewing, he was the one spinning the records, making sure the vibe was right and people were having a good time. As we move forward with this campaign you’ll definitely be seeing more of his talents; be it music, design or just community engagement. We’ve made a point to work with those who have put community as a priority in their day to day, and there may not be anyone in Raleigh that fits that mold quite like Napoleon Wright.

We caught up with Nap to ask him why exactly he chose to help out the MLB Raleigh movement:

“MLB Raleigh is for the community, which is why they immediately had my support. The idea of revitalizing Boys & Girl club baseball fields through the promotion of Raleigh as a viable place for a baseball expansion team was an equation that just made sense, and one that I wanted to be a part of.” 

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