Organizing Raleigh’s push for MLB

MLB expansion may be anywhere from 5-7 years away, but based on Commissioner's office, it’s coming. While the numbers say the region is viable, Raleigh is by no means a shoe-in to be selected. That means there is work to be done.

Why Raleigh must start the process now.

Some cities have already started the process, but few have the on-the-ground momentum that we do. That is why it’s paramount that we start taking steps to put Raleigh in a strong position when expansion finally become a reality. Here are some of the reasons we believe the time is now to begin this process.

Raleigh's last chance to cement itself as a pro-city.

With NFL, NBA, (likely) MLS in Charlotte and NHL in Raleigh, MLB is the only major pro-sport that hasn't set up shop in our state. This round of expansion/relocation could very well be the last chance to bring a major pro-sport to Raleigh.

MLB is has an interest in North Carolina

With the Nationals being over 275 miles to the north and the Braves 400 miles to the south, North Carolina sits in the middle of the MLB's largest East Coast dead-zone. Currently, Raleigh doesn't even have a locally or regionally broadcast of any MLB team. These facts, coupled by our state and regions projected growth, puts us right in a position be a very beneficial location for MLB to award a franchise.

The current data and growth put Raleigh in a prime situation

In our 'data' section, we've hit on some of the numbers that put Raleigh right alongside some of the existing smaller market MLB teams such as Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee. Our population numbers, median income, and media market numbers are all in-line, however, it's our regions projected growth that makes us a top-tier candidate to be able to support a franchise, not just now, but far into the future.

An MLB team is beneficial to the city of Raleigh

Bringing an MLB team to Raleigh for sake of having a baseball team would only appealing for fans of the sport. We believe MLB in Raleigh is a win/win across the board for citizens, the local economy and the city itself, Here are the reasons why…

The cash cow of pro-sports for tourism tax dollars

With 81 home games and an average attendance of 27,000 fans per game, MLB teams bring more fans to their home city than any other pro sport and it's not even close. In fact, MLB teams bring an average of 2.3 million fans to the home city per year is almost as many as NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS would bring COMBINED. Add in the fact that MLB is the only sport with 3 game series' structure, meaning fans that travel for a weekend ballgame often dine in the city, stay the night, and catch a second game.

Give Raleigh it's main attraction in the summer

What's Raleigh's main attraction in the summer? The city loses summer tax revenue not only to attractions in surrounding cities (DPAC, Durham Bulls, etc), but also to the beach and the mountains. Raleigh needs something to keep people here in the summer and with 81 home games, baseball is a perfect fit. With football in the fall, basketball and hockey in the winter, our region is constantly buzzing with sports...that is, except for summer. With nearly no overlap with major sports in the summer months, baseball would be the main focus for the local citizen's entertainment spend.

Bring the Triangle together as one community

Nothing is better for business than a well-defined market. In the Triangle, that's not so easy. With basketball and football historically being the state's main sports, and with the stark divide in fandom between NC State, UNC, and Duke, this region has felt divided for far too long. With baseball being a popular sport in the Carolinas, an MLB team in the Triangle would go a long way in doing what sports have long been known to do, bring people together.

What the experts are saying about Raleigh

Throughout the process of growing this grassroots movement, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to former MLB executives, those who have overseen expansion franchises, and the journalists who are studying the business and movement of the coming expansion. Here is what they’ve had to say about our city’s push.

A more than legitimate shot...

``If Raleigh has the city leaders on-board and a development and land plan, then they have more than a legitimate shot to land an expansion team.``

Wayne McDonnell Jr

Forbes Sports Money

Why not Raleigh?

I don't think you can sleep on Raleigh. MLB Raleigh has made what I think is a pretty compelling case as to why the Triangle region could support a franchise.``

Jason Foster

Sporting News - MLB Editor

Their chances shoot right up...

If Raleigh got an owner/land deal in their pocket, then their chances shoot right up. NC has a history of supporting baseball & has the population/market numbers.

R.J. Anderson

CBS Sports - MLB Staff Writer