The Raleigh Reapers

The Raleigh Reapers is a team concept created by local Raleigh designer, Luke Woody. The concept was originally created for a Sandlot baseball team that Luke is a part of in Raleigh, however the design was so strong that we urged him to enter it in our design showcase event that took place to create conversation around the potential branding of a future Raleigh MLB team.

The Concept

In baseball, death takes many forms. Every out is a little death, and so is every loss. We embrace that death. Inspired by baseball’s rural roots, we approach each game as if it were a new harvest. Every inning’s end yields a bounty of possibility in the inning that follows. Death is inevitably followed by a rebirth, either with the next batter, the next game, or the next season.

The cycle begins again and we, the Reapers, await.

Behind the Design

The simplicity and heritage  of the game is reflected in the Reapers’ simple, hand-lettered fonts and design elements, largely inspired by folk art from the 18th and 19th centuries. The marriage of baseball and death iconography tells a visual story of the duality so prevalant in the sport. Out versus safe, dead versus living, etc.

The Reapers were created as the charter team in Raleigh’s new Sandlot League. The team is built for (and by) people who dont just love the game, but love what the game represents.  It’s a game with humble beginnings, but it has immense historical significance to this region. It’s a game whose field is a theatre for triumph and tragedy, all at once.

About the Designer

Luke Woody
Art Director
Raleigh, NC

Great work shouldn’t just look cool. It should tell a story. Luke uncovers that story that drives a brand and tells it to the world. He loves work that crosses all forms of media. Anyone can create a single great execution, but finding fresh angles to keep telling that truth again and again shows the true power of an idea. When he’s not working, he’s spending time obsessing over football, craft beer and new music.