The Raleigh RallyCaps

The RallyCaps concept pulls in the dome of our capital building, an iconic Raleigh feature that often gets overlooked, putting it into the spotlight. It also points to a city once forgotten city making its impassioned comeback.

The Concept

The rally cap is one of baseball’s most amusing symbols—a good luck talisman that has propelled countless come-from-behind victories. Paired with the capital city’s name, it forms an alliteration that is both apt and fun as heck to say. The retro typography nods to baseball’s past while the capitol dome visual tops it all off.

About the Designer

Will Dove
Design & Illustration
Durham, NC

Will Dove is an independent graphic designer and illustrator with shop, agency, and corporate experience. From his Durham studio, Will couples timeless principles with contemporary craft.  Will’s extensive kid-pitch career highlights include an inside-the-park homer for H&H Flooring circa 1999.