The Raleigh Q

The concept for the Raleigh Q comes from Durham illustrator, Brittain Peck. Inspired by North Carolina's history of barbecue and hog farms, this concept pulls in a saucy palette and paints it on with a basting brush. The Q is no stranger to competition, thanks to NC's longstanding debate on Eastern vs Western style barbecue.

The Concept

Sitting right on the fault line of the style war between “Eastern” & “Lexington”, Raleigh could just as much be the capital of barbecue as it is the capital of the state, where humans barely outnumber pigs.

The Raleigh Q are all about the sauce, with a name that’s painted on with a basting brush and a color palette that combines all the flavors of tomato, vinegar, and even mustard. Just watch out for “Rudy Boar”: he’s as formbidable as he might possibly be delicious.

About the Designer

Brittain Peck
Illustrator, Animator
Durham, NC

Brittain Peck is an illustrator, storyboard artist and animator based in Durham. He creates illustrations, animations and identity assets to visualize editorial stories, brand narratives and present concepts, products and services to both internal and external audiences.