The Raleigh Oaks

The Oaks concept comes from Raleigh's Will Gadd. Inspired by the city's nickname (The City of Oaks), it's longevity, strength and natural beauty, the Oaks stand tall as one of the most natural fits to become Raleigh's future MLB team.

The Concept

Raleigh is the City of Oaks. Lining our streets and shading our parks, oak trees are revered for their stature, strength, and natural beauty. Our baseball club–like the majestic oaks our community is known for–will be a point of pride for Raleighites.

The team’s color palette should also connect cohesively with the city it calls home. From our city flag to the Hurricanes, red, white and black have come to rpresent Raleigh as much as any symbol.

About the Designer

Will Gadd
Sales, Design
Raleigh, NC

Will Gadd works in medical device sales and has a passion for all things baseball and design. Born and raised in Wake Forest, he graduated from NC State in 2004 and has called Raleigh home ever since. His design concepts marry visual elements of baseball and the thanks that are unique to a place. He is also one of the original three MLB Raleigh founders.