The Raleigh Hounds

The Raleigh Hounds concept was created by local designer and NC State design grad, Blair Torres. The design is based on North Carolina's state dog, the Plott Hound.

The Concept

Who is more fiercely loyal with a side of rowdiness than a good ol’ hound dog? Hounds are rough and tough and will fight until the end. These qualities match perfectly with our Raleigh team and our fan base. Not to mention the mighty Plott hound is our state dog… Let‘s get them dogs runnin’!

Behind the Design

The Raleigh Hounds logo came from the idea of the state dog, the Plott Hound, being severely under represented as a state icon. Bringing the Plott Hound to the spot light has been a goal of mine since the 4th grade, no joke. What also influenced the design was thinking of the stadium experience. Imagine the team entering the diamond and hearing a bunch of hounds baying as if they are tracking down a victory, so the action of a baying hound is the focal point of the logo. The slab serif font in two weights plays with both a lighter retro feel and a traditional solid base. The home plate represents just that, Home. 

About the Designer

Blair Torres
Visual Designer, SAS
Raleigh, NC

Blair Torres is a designer, dog lover and sports fanatic. A born and raised Raleigh girl who bleeds Wolfpack red, she graduated from NC State in Graphic Design in 2017. Working as a Visual Designer for SAS, Blair also freelances for a CrossFit gym and other local businesses. When not sketching design ideas, you can find her playing corn hole at the nearest tailgate or hanging out with her dogs and best friend.