The Carolina Captains

The Captains is a concept that speaks to North Carolina's history of aviation with the Wright brothers along with the region's leadership in innovation and technology.

The Concept

When it comes to sports franchises the name needs to resonate with the fans and citizens of that region, inspiring their excitment and loyalty. The Carolina Captains name speaks to our state being ‘First in Flight’ and our history of aviation. It also recognizes our region‘s passion for innovation and leadership in technology. From a visual point of view it’s a concise and simple way to capture the very essence of our proud state. Just as importantly, we think it fits perfectly with the branding standards of MLB.

About the Designer

Raul Contreras
Illustration, Design & Branding
Raleigh, NC

Raul Contreras is a multidisciplinary illustrator with 8 years experience within the fields of illustration, design and branding. A west coast transplant, Raul and his wife recently moved from LA to Raleigh.

As a kid, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, he would go to Dodgers games with his father. That is where his love of baseball grew to almost an obsession. “I loved studying the team logos/colors and exploring the rich history of baseball”.