North State Pine Brigade

The North State Pine Brigade pays homage to North Carolina's rich military history, while being fiercely protective of the majestic pines. Ryan's background in sports design, specifically MiLB, lead to a fun caricature of what the team could look like on the field.

The Concept

Whether it’s because of the beautiful coating of pollen each morning or the damn “Wagon Wheel” song, North Carolina is Pine Country. We must defend the Land of the Pines. A strong military tradition, plus the ability to be the only team in professional sports to rock olive, allows for the Pine Brigade to standout on the baseball battlefield.

Behind the Design

I always thought it was strange that no team in the big five sports leagues used olive as a primary color. A North Carolina club could be the perfect fit. From being the Land of the Pines, to having the fourth most active military members in the country, there seemed to be multiple reasons to make it a focal point.The most prominently used design within the brand, is a revised United States Army Air Corp star. Navy changed to olive, with the red dot transforming into a baseball. The axe character was more irony than anything else. A playful take on the object that would take down the pines, becomes the thing protecting it.

About the Designer

Ryan Foose
Fooser Sports Design
Raleigh, NC  |  Tampa Fl

Ryan is the creative director at Fooser Sports Design, a studio he started while at NC State. Over the years, his work has been featured in ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and included in the Baseball Hall of Fame. His love of North Carolina has been amplified by the ability to work with numerous local teams including the Durham Bulls, Carolina Mudcats and Charlotte Knights. Ryan is part of the trio that started MLB Raleigh, branding all aspects of the 919 baseball campaign.