North Carolina Harmony

The Harmony is a concept by local designer, musician, video producer, Napoleon Wright II. The concept was inspired by NC's rich musical history and the way the state's mountains, plains and coast come together to form a robust and diverse landscape.

The Concept

North Carolina is home to some of the world’s most influential musicians, such as Nina Simone, John Coltrane, and the great Thelonious Monk.

This design was inspired by the rich musical history of North Carolina as well as the sense of harmony that you find within any successful team. From the trees, to the mountains, to the ocean, to the music, North Carolina has a synchronicity that is unmatched. Team Harmony for the win.

Behind the Design

The design is modeled after ascending notes on a musical scale. By adjusting the spacing of the eighth note and the quarter note, it forms the letter “N” while the modified whole note forms the letter “C,” representing NC or North Carolina.

The italicized “NC” and the backdrop of the lines of the musical scale simultaneously pay homage to the history of the game, modeled after 30’s & 40’s MLB and Negro League pinstripe uniforms and logos.  

The upward motion of the notes convey a positive emotion. This positive upward motion is also associated with one of the biggest crescendos of baseball: the home run. 

The monochromatic style reflects the elegant simplicity of the game itself and the beauty that Harmony can bring to the game and life. 

About the Designer

Napoleon Wright II
Raleigh, NC

Napoleon is a Motion Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Video Producer living in Raleigh, NC. He began his design career in public relations and corporate environments and now utilizes that background running his own entrepreneurial journey, Pan II Creative. His passion has been to support agencies, groups, and individuals with their artistic needs. To further this mission, he founded a branch of Pan II Creative, Becauseus, which serves as a dependable source for the betterment of humankind through art, music, and design.